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   asterisks);  it then has the appearance of an envelope.  Overleaf,
   it  is  lined like the postcard above (Annex IV C I);  thins space
   can  contain  about 250 words which the prisoner is free to write.
   Actual size of the folded form: 29 by 15 centimetres.

                        D. NOTIFICATION OF DEATH

                           (see Article 120)

   (Title of responsible               NOTIFICATION OF DEATH       
                            Power on which the                     
                            prisoner depended _____________________
   Name and first names ___________________________________________
   First name of father            _______________________________
   Place and date of birth         _______________________________
   Place and date of death         _______________________________
   Rank and service number                                        
   (as given on identity disc)     _______________________________
   Address of next of kin          _______________________________
   Where and when taken                                           
   prisoner                        _______________________________
   Cause and circumstances                                        
   of death                        _______________________________
   Place of burial                 _______________________________
   Is the grave marked and can                                    
   it be found later by the                                       
   relatives?                      _______________________________
   Are the personal effects of     _______________________________
   the deceased in the keeping of  _______________________________
   the Detaining Power or are they _______________________________
   being forwarded together with   _______________________________
   this notification?              _______________________________
   If forwarded, through what                                     
   agency?                         _______________________________
   Can the person who cared for    _______________________________
   the deceased during sickness    _______________________________
   or during his last moments      _______________________________
   (doctor, nurse, minister of     _______________________________
   religion, fellow prisoner) give _______________________________
   here or on an attached sheet a  _______________________________
   short account of the            _______________________________
   circumstances of the death and  _______________________________
   burial?                         _______________________________
   (Date, seal and signature of     Signature and address of two   
   responsible authority.)          witnesses                      
       Remarks. - This form should  be  made  out  in  two  or  three
   languages, particularly in the prisoner's own language and in that
   of  the  Detaining  Power.   Actual  size  of  the  form:   21  by
   30 centimetres.

                      E. REPATRIATION CERTIFICATE

                       (see Annex II, Article 11)

                        REPATRIATION CERTIFICATE

       First names:
       Date of birth:
       Army number:
       P. W. number:
       Decision of the Commission:
                                            Chairman of the
                                            Mixed Medical Commission:

       A = direct repatriation
       B = accommodation in a neutral country
       NC = re-examination by next Commission

                                                              Annex V

                           MODEL REGULATIONS
                          TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY

                            (see Article 63)

       1. The notification referred to  in  the  third  paragraph  of
   Article 63 will show:
       (a) Number as specified in Article 17, rank, surname and first
   names of the prisoner of war who is the payer;
       (b) The name and address  of  the  payee  in  the  country  of
       (c) The amount to be so paid in the currency of the country in
   which he is detained.
       2. The notification will be signed by the prisoner of war,  or
   his  witnessed mark made upon if it he cannot write,  and shall be
   countersigned by the prisoners' representative.
       3. The   camp  commander  will  add  to  this  notification  a
   certificate that the  prisoner  of  war  concerned  has  a  credit
   balance of not less than the amount registered as payable.
       4. The notification may be made up in  lists,  each  sheet  of
   such   lists   witnessed  by  the  prisoners'  representative  and
   certified by the camp commander.

                                 * * *

       On signing   the  Convention  relative  to  the  Treatment  of
   Prisoners of War,  the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist
   Republics makes the following reservations:
       Article 10:  "The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will not
   recognize  the  validity  of  requests by the Detaining Power to a
   neutral State or to a humanitarian organization,  to undertake the
   functions  performed by a Protecting Power,  unless the consent of
   the Government of the country of which the prisoners  of  war  are
   nationals has been obtained."
       Article 12:  "The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics does not
   consider  as  valid  the  freeing of a Detaining Power,  which has
   transferred prisoners of war to another Power, from responsibility
   for  the  application  of  the Convention to such prisoners of war
   while the latter are in the custody of the Power accepting them."
       Article 85:  "The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics does not
   consider itself  bound  by  the  obligation,  which  follows  from
   Article  85,  to  extend  the  application  of  the  Convention to
   prisoners of war who have been convicted  under  the  law  of  the
   Detaining   Power,  in  accordance  with  the  principles  of  the
   Nuremberg trial,  for war crimes and crimes against  humanity,  it
   being  understood  that  persons  convicted of such crimes must be
   subject to the conditions obtaining in the country in question for
   those who undergo their punishment."